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Catalogue > Paints > Acrylic colours > Koh-i-noor acrylic 40ml

Koh-i-noor acrylic 40ml

Category:Acrylic colours
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Acrylic paints are a very popular artistic range made by the KOH-I-NOOR Hardtmuth a.s. Company. They are available in 32 shades and can be used to paint on various surfaces, e.g. paper, canvas or particleboard.

These paints are high quality water-soluble dispersive paints, which are distinguished by their high pigment content and lightfastness. After drying they produce a flexible film, which does not become brittle and is age-resistant. As a result the painted surface can even be rolled up without the painting cracking or otherwise being damaged.

These paints are also advantageous because they are mutually miscible and fast drying. As a result of all these advantages, acrylic paints are used for various artistic and decorative techniques.


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