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Catalogue > Paper, board > Coloured paper and Card

Coloured paper and Card

Paper of various textures, sizes, thicknesses, the most beautiful colors.
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Pastels are made from a mixture of artist pigments, mineral oils and waxes. They have a high pigment saturation and therefore have a high tinting strength. They are extremely soft and are suitable for use on a wide variety of grounds.
Graphite is produced in various grades or degrees according to the softness or hardness of the material. Different grades produce different types of marks. The grade of the pencil is usually designated on the side or the end of the pencil.
Excellent quality soft pastel in pencil
Excellent quality pencils can be used as simple colored pencils or as watercolor (using water).
Excellent quality soft colored pencils used for a variety of techniques.
Various tools for sketches (charcoal, sepia, sangina, chalk, etc.) with both sticks and pencils. And all the accessories they need.
Cases and tubes for different paper sizes.
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