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Catalogue > Decoration > Batik art > Batik and textile dyes DEKA 10g

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Batik and textile dyes DEKA 10g

Category:Batik art
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You can use Deka L dyes on all natural fabrics including cotton, linen, silk, wool and viscose, although they are not suitable for use on synthetic fabrics. Polyester can only be dyed in a proportion up to 50 % in a cotton/polyester mix fabric. Results from dyeing are dependent on the amount of powder in the dye bath, the fibre content of the fabric, the length of dyeing time and the temperature of the dye bath.

Other factors, such as water softness/hardness will also affect the outcome. To achieve a deep black, a more concentrated dye bath, longer dyeing time and a higher temperature will be required. Please note, insufficient water will cause the dye bath to gel.

Always treat pieces requiring frequent cleaning with the Deka L Fixative. This will help to prevent colours from fading when washing on a gentle washing machine cycle at 30°C. Wash separately for first few washes.

General Dyeing Instructions

  1. Weigh fabric to be dyed, then wash and rinse to remove sizing, fabric softener etc.
  2. A 10gm sachet contains enough dye powder to dye 250gm (dry weight) fabric. Dissolve dye powder and 2 table spoons salt in 4-5 litres of boiling water and stir well. For silk and wool, also add 8-10 table spoons of vinegar.
  3. Dampen fabric, put loosely into the dye bath. Maintain the highest temperature suitable for the fabric (a maximum of 90°C).
  4. Stir frequently for 15-30 minutes.
  5. Remove fabric and rinse thoroughly under cold running water until water runs clear.

Using Dyes for Wax Batik

Allow dye bath to cool to 50°C.

Fixative Deka L

For each 500 g fabric (dryweight) to be treated, mix 25 ml fixative with10 l of warm water. Rinse dyed article thoroughly, then soak in a fixative bath for 30 minutes. Hang article to dry without rinsing. Always wash dyed pieces separately.


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Price: € 2.50
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Price: € 2.50
Out of stock

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