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Catalogue > Paints > Oil Colours > Rembrandt oil colours 40ml

Rembrandt oil colours 40ml

Category:Oil Colours
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A legendary name for a range that is known for its superior and unparalleled quality. It has been developed through pure skill and artistic insight, and is based on the best raw materials. This allows Rembrandt products to boast unique characteristics such as maximum fineness, lightfastness and durability. A guarantee of timeless and enduring artistic expression.

Rembrandt and oil colour is a unique combination of superior quality and tradition in just one tube. A magnificent colour range of 120 colours. With an even distribution across the several colour ranges and a good balance between transparent and opaque colours.

Sublime brilliance and intensely deep colours; optimal colour strength due to the highest possible concentration of pigments and very fine grinding; highest degree of lightfastness; very pure colours and greatest durability of the paint coat.


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