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Catalogue > Decoration > Batik art > DEKA Textil-Fit 50 ml

DEKA Textil-Fit 50 ml

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The Finish Remover eliminates all the textile finishings as well as impregnations, starch and softener on silk, synthetics, cotton, linen, viscose and other fibres.

Why does my newly dyed textile look so blotchy? Maybe you wonder why your newly dyed textile looks so blotchy (streaky) and the colours pale?
Here's the answer: The textile still contains finishings (also called sizings). The finishing remains on the fiber and prevents the dye from binding with the fabric.
All the textiles (cloth and complete garments) are being treated chemically (processed) by the industry to give the fabric a full-bodied touch, a better look and wear characteristics.
Beware: Softener is also a finishing and influences the result of the dye. 

How to use it

• Stir 50ml of DEKA Textil-Fit  into 2L of hot water.
• Lay the fabric (max. 100g of dry weight) for 15 minutes into the mixture.
• Then rinse thoroughly, first with hot water and then with cold water.


• It is essential that you wear rubber gloves.

Can I use DEKA Textil-Fit in the washing machine?

You can also use Textil-Fit in the washing machine:
As the product foams strongly, only use half of the recommended quantity (25ml per 2L of water).
Select an eco cycle without a prewash. 
The quantity of water in the drum depends on the make and varies from washing machine to washing machine - please read the manual.

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