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Catalogue > Paints > Pigments > Pigments Studio Yellow Sun Gold 100g

Pigments Studio Yellow Sun Gold 100g

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synthetic organic pigment and filler

An economical way to buy pigment colors, Studio Pigments are based on synthetic organic pigments mixed with a filler (may contain silica). The pigment is ground dry under stone rollers with marble dust / china clay to form a soft powder. They are easily dispersed, especially into waterborne paints. Studio Pigments are bright and relatively lightfast.
Chemical description:Pigment Yellow 74 (C.I. 11741; CAS 6358-31-2), Pigment Brown 24 (CAS 68186-90-3) and Pigment White 6 (CAS No. 13463-67-7) fixed on a mineral base (CAS 471-34-1).
Color: yellow
Colour Index: PY 74.11741, PBr 24
Suitability: Oil, Acrylics, Tempera, Watercolor / Gouache
Lightfastness:Concentrated: 7, Medium: 6, Thinned: (1 is poor, 8 is best).

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