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Catalogue > Decoration > Decoupage > Glue for decoupage 1000ml

Glue for decoupage 1000ml

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Not suitable for children under 3 years. Adhesives are used on a variety of surfaces: fabrics, plastics, clay, candles, leather, etc. Choose the design you want from a napkin or handkerchief. Carefully remove the top printed layer and trim with scissors or scalpel. Apply glue to the desired surface and apply the cut design. Press carefully, especially the edges, to ensure that they adhere well. Apply another coat of glue to the entire design with a brush. Leave to dry completely for 72 hours. If the adhesive is applied to the fabric, dry for 3 hours, then 3 minutes. compare on the downside. The fabric will be washable up to 40 oC.
Unlimited validity.

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