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Catalogue > Paints > Gouashe, tempera > Artists gouache colours "Master Class"16x20ml

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Artists gouache colours "Master Class"16x20ml

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Category:Gouashe, tempera
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"Master Class" are high-quality artistic gouache colours made from finely ground pigments and binders with the addition of gum Arabic.

""Master Class"" gouache colours are ideal for painting, decorative, and graphic work. They can be easily applied to virtually all materials with smooth surface, but are best suited for paper, cardboard, and padded canvas. After drying, they create a matte, velvety surface, and can be easily washed off with water.
The colour palette of the standard paint set is composed in accordance with methodology used in art education.
Brushes from fur of Siberian polecat, squirrel, as well as synthetic and bristle brushes can be used for painting.


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You are currently viewing:: Catalogue > Paints > Gouashe, tempera > Artists gouache colours "Master Class"16x20ml


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